about us


We’re a thriving community of users and experts seeking to answer the unanswerable questions of technology. We dig deep into the depths of technological knowledge. We’re always interested in emerging technologies, by all means.


We produce new ways to simplify known processes, to create new trends that will change the flow of everyday transactions.


Our involvement in agricultural technology from raw materials, soil analysis with main thrust of sustaining agriculture and farm to table business models.

Our Products


Krops is a Mobile Application designed to build a highway to faster and easier transactions between buyers and sellers.Think of it as a mobile marketplace. In parallel, it offers a trial offer on bitcoin era app which helps you trade bitcoins autonomously.


MyTrak is a Mobile Application designed to track and record deliveries and orders form logistics companies. It simplifies the paperwork process for delivary request.

What we do

Product Development

To Build software solution that help our customers operate and grow more efficiently and sharpen their competitive edge. We work deeply into the issues and trends that affects our customers' industries and markets and find the best ways to use technology in addressing the issues they face every day

Flexible Connectivity

Solutions support interoperation with a wide range of public clouds, such as Amazon* Web Services (AWS). Microsoft Azure*, and IBM Bluemis*, and more. Providing you flexible choices for state-of-the-art data interchange, storage, and analitics.

Innovation Development

We are focused on advanced solutions which add compatibilities like context awareness, increased processing power, and energy independence. We are continously finding ways to support local community visibility and innovation efforts.

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